NCM Registration No.

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NCM Registration No.

Post by Znc76 on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:43 pm

Official Member - Own a Satria Neo & paid club member -Unrestricted access to the website
Registered Forumer - Registered forumer only. - Restricted access to the website
Guest - non-registered forumer

Is it compulsory to register ?
The registration is optional.

How To register ?
Very simple, just fill up the Registration Form, . The registration form can be forwarded to the following authorized personnel during TT / appointment :

If i don't register as Official member of NeocrewsMalaysia, can I still use the forum?
Yes, you will still have access to the forum but only the non-restricted board.

What happen if I registered and suddenly I sell my Satria Neo?
Your membership will be automatically terminated and your unique number will be assigned to new member accordingly. However, our friendship will never last

Can I choose my own unique number ?

~ NCM ini merupakan Identiti Kelab
~ Diharap semua pemegang keahlian NCM dapat menyeragamkan kedudukan stikers dengan meletakkan di atas  cermin belakang sisi kanan.

Untuk Pendaftaran NCM
prosses untuk update akan di lakukan setelah NCM no telah di ambil dan dilekatkan.

NCM identiti KITA !


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